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CES 2010: Ultra High Speed Wireless HD v2.0 Announced

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Wireless HD is still struggling to attain a foothold in the industry, but that hasn't stopped version 2.0 making its first formal appearance.

The new spec is both backwards compatible with its predecessor and vastly improves bandwidth managing a whopping 10 to 28Gbps. This vastly increases the future proofing of Wireless HD (also known as WiHD) making it capable of supporting 4K resolutions. Also in there are 3D over WiHD standards, HDCP 2.0 DRM support and the ability to perform lightning quick file transfers to and from hardware which could make streaming a dream.

Of course all this sounds fantastic in theory, just as Wireless HD 1.0 sounds fantastic in theory, but the big problem up to now has been cost. Unfortunately there has been nothing to indicate that v2.0 will be any cheaper, but it is an open secret that everyone knows price erosion is the only way to make it take-off.

Still with home cinema equipment ever more stylish and wife-friendly, cables remain the biggest issue for most users in their setups. Fingers crossed, Wireless HD 2.0 will be the standard to make the breakthrough...


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