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CES 2010: Nvidia Formally Launches GeForce 300M Graphics Line

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We'll squeeze this one out under the CES banner since Nvidia did allude to this last week, but only now has it firmed things up...

In a very quiet launch, Nvidia has set the 300M series notebook CPU line live on its website. Why so quietly? In essence, because it appears very little has changed. The GTS 360M and 350M are direct replacements for the 260M and 250M yet keep the same number of cores (96) and memory clock (up to 2GHz) and memory interface (128bit) while DirectX 11 remains off the menu.

Still, we do get support for PhysX acceleration and the chips run cool enough to be fitted into smaller laptop form factors. This results in gaming machines like the 11.6in Alienware M11X (pictured) which has a 335M with 1GB of dedicated memory, though in fairness for what the M11X lacks in footprint it makes up in thickness.

Where things could still get interesting are the enthusiast GTX models and perhaps the eventual arrival of Fermi in March. Well, we can hope at least...

300M Series Product Page
via Engadget

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