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CES 2009: Vuzix Unveils 'See-Thru' Video Glasses

Gordon Kelly


CES 2009: Vuzix Unveils 'See-Thru' Video Glasses

We've been following Vuzix quite closely since its video glasses first hit the UK in April last year. The concept has always been pretty funky: watch video content from your iPhone, PMP or anything with an auxiliary output in a large format and eliminate the need to hold the device up to your face. Problem was they were always, well - a bit clunky... until now.

With the arrival of the 'Wrap 920AV' Vuzix has created its first video glasses to actually look like normal Oakley-esque sunglasses making them more discrete and also meaning you can see through them when not watching video - vision, always a handy feature!

All this has been achieved through what Vuzix is logically dubbing 'see-thru' technology - a super concept (and one it obviously isn't giving the secrets away to) but something that will no doubt further damage the ability of our children to spell.

That said, this could be a small price to pay for sunglasses which project a virtual screen equivalent to 60 inches when viewed from nine feet away and yet don't make you look like the rejected Star Trek extra. The 920AV's will also support 3D video content and last for up to six hours on a pair of AA batteries. Earphones are removable too should you wish to use your own buds.

As ever the potential speed bump remains the video resolution which at just 640 x 480 may be a deal breaker for some - though I have to say in my time with previous pairs it wasn't a problem. Unlike the AV310 and AV230XL however it is disappointing that widescreen isn't on the menu.

Distribution will come quickly though with the Wrap 920AV's available from the spring (RRP unknown) and if this is how far Vuzix can come in two years, we're rather keen to see what the next two bring...



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