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CES 2009: SanDisk Makes Music Easy


CES 2009: SanDisk Makes Music Easy

It's fair to say that digital music players are commodity items these days, and those players have become more feature rich and complicated. But the most complicated aspect is actually getting your music onto your player in the first place. Whether you're using iTunes to load up your iPod, or even drag and dropping files onto your Sansa or Zen, you still need to get that music onto your computer in the first place and then go through the hassle of copying it to your player, or worse yet, synchronising with your player!

Although for many of us music management is nothing more than a minor inconvenience - I finally managed to rip my entire CD collection to my NAS box over Christmas, but it was an arduous task - for a great many consumers, ripping CDs, downloading tracks and synchronising with players is far too difficult and confusing. But SanDisk thinks it has the answer to this problem, and the answer is called slotRadio.

The concept behind slotRadio is that many consumers don't want ultimate control over their music, instead preferring the traditional radio model where someone else makes all the choices for them, and that's exactly the way slotRadio works. In essence, slotRadio consists of microSD cards that come preloaded with music targeting differing genres. The first slotRadio player will ship with a card packed with 1,000 songs split into different genre playlists, allowing the user to choose which type of music they want to hear, and then serving up a healthy selection.

The new slotRadio player is a neat little device with a square form factor and a centrally mounted display. The screen will display cover art, the genre you're listening to and artist/track information. Control is simple and you can easily skip between playlists, as well as jump between tracks in the current playlist.


January 9, 2009, 5:12 am

Can't see this taking off. I like to be able to pick and choose my own music, one of the benefits of digital downloads.

Out of curioisty, how many cds do you own Riyad that you "finally" ripped?


January 14, 2009, 5:52 pm

@Ohmz - which is exactly why you're not the target market for slotRadio, and neither am I.

As for CDs - I'm guessing somewhere in the region of 400, not a massive collection. I just never got around to ripping them all before, which is why I made a concerted effort to get the task done and dusted over Christmas :)

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