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CES 2009: OCZ Shows Breakneck SSD Future

Gordon Kelly


CES 2009: OCZ Shows Breakneck SSD Future

Though I could write on and on about the bits and pieces I took in at CES this year we're late enough so at this point I'm calling a stop, but what a way to go out...

Making us feel well and truly dissatisfied with our HDDs (capacity be damned!) was OCZ which pulled a couple of rabbits out the hat on my final day with the announcement of its new ‘Apex' line and in offering a tantalising look into the future.

Dealing first with the here and now, the SATA II based 2.5in Apex-es combine a mouthwatering combination of 230MB per second read and 160MB per second write times with new internal RAID 0 architecture. This should make them amongst the very fastest consumer orientated models on the market. Furthermore with 60GB, 120GB and 250GB versions available any minute for $199.99, $369.99 and $829.99 the RRPs are a little less eye watering than I would've expected.

Dive off into the near future however and things become simply mind blowing. Demoing its next generation ‘Vertex 2' SSD the company showed an internal quad RAID setup capable of 480MB per second write and 550MB per second read times. SATA II, you're outta here! Of course with SATA 6Gbps (SATA III) upping the bar to 750MB per second there will be a solution available in mid 2009 that should just make it in time to fully unleash these monsters.

Yeah, I know - you're listening to the whirr whirr, crunch crunch of your HDD and thinking about drop kicking it out the window. We all are...

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