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CES 2009: Iomega Pops Media Network HDD Cherry

Gordon Kelly


CES 2009: Iomega Pops Media Network HDD Cherry

It seems somewhat dull to talk about a USB 2.0 drive when we've just had confirmation of the USB 3.0 HDD but this one has some spice about it...

The first multimedia HDD from Iomega, the rather literally named 'Home Media Network Hard Drive' joins where many have gone before but it looks to make a decent stab of things with a choice of 500GB and 1TB capacities and an assortment of decent functionality.

Primary in this is the company's 'LifeLine' software which allows the drive to both stream music, phones, videos, etc between different computers, televisions, consoles and more and yet simultaneously back up your data. It's also DNLA certified, supports Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and iTunes meaning it can work as an external server for your cherished songs and movies.

Connectivity is available via both USB and/or Gigabit Ethernet while an unspecified onboard CPU claims to do all the hefty lifting playing back content. For the extremely paranoid a free 2GB per month Mozy online backup subscription comes as well while superficially, I find the brushed gun-metal-esque finish rather appealing.

Whether the Home Media Network Hard Drive can cut it against the likes of the HDD-less but wonderfully flexible WD TV HD Media Player (such a mouthful) remains to be seen, especially with the 500GB and 1TB versions retailing for £135 and £180 respectively. That said, I'm just quite chuffed to still see the company fighting it out years after the Zip drives bit the dust...



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