Hands-on with EX-FS10

Next we have the even smaller EX-FS10 that, like the FC100, has a 30fps burst mode and a 1,000fps video slow motion mode. It sports a similar form factor Casio's previous ultra-compact cameras, measuring 97.02mm wide, 59.43mm tall and just 16.2mm thick and weighing 121 grams - sans battery again, unfortunately!

Still this is a small camera, but even so the screen is only marginally smaller than that of the, 2.5in vs. 2.7, while it has the exact same resolution of 960 x 240 - that's 230,400 dots if you're a dot counter. Naturally you do lose some zoom range (3x optical, 38 - 114mm equivalent), but the sensor size and megapixel capacity are exactly the same, so you're not losing out there.

Regrettably the FS10 wasn't out in the wild, so we couldn't our dirty mitts on it, but we did manage to get one decent shot despite the glass casing and cruddy lighting. Apart from its size it's very similar in appearance to its larger brother and it also features a more or less identical button layout.

Both models will be out in the US in March, prices being $349.99 for the FS10 and $399.99 for the FC100. UK pricing and availability is not currently available, but we reckon Q2 or Q3 seems reasonable.

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