Howard Roark's PC

But for me the best thing in the VIA section of the event was a display of custom mini-ITX PCs created by Jeffrey Stephenson. Now I'm no stranger to modded PCs, having worked closely with the guys at over the past couple of years, but these were the best examples I've ever seen, mainly because I'm a huge art deco fan.

Jeffrey works very differently from other PC modders - whereas most modders will work with standard PC cases and components then, well, mod them, Jeffrey actually builds his PC chassis himself, from wood. The two machines that Jeffrey was displaying looked absolutely beautiful, and even if they weren't PCs, I'd still think they looked great.

There aren't too many wooden PCs around, and I'm sure that there are even fewer that look like art deco antiques! For anyone who played through Bioshock last year, there's no doubt that any of these art deco styled PCs would have looked great in Rapture. Unfortunately Jeffrey made it clear that his creations are purely a hobby, so if you were waiting to find out where you can buy one of his creations, I'm afraid that you can't.

Oh, if you don't understand the title of this page, shame on you! Go out and read The Fountain Head right now!

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