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CES 2008: Sony Updates Just About Everything

Of course Sony doesn't just make photography products and to that effect it also débuted 17 new Bravia TVs many of which are now media extender devices. First up is the Z-series which includes the 40in KDL-40Z4100 and 46in KDL-46Z4100 both boasting 24fps playback, 120Hz refresh rates and, of course, Full HD, 1080p panels. Four HDMI ports two and Component inputs also make the bill as does a trio of USB ports. The W series will offer 52in, 46in and 40in models also sporting 120Hz, 24fps and USB media playback while the V-Series sports the same size options as the W-Series but sans the 120Hz processing and USB ports.

Moving down we find the N-Series and M-Series offering 720p HD resolutions at 37in, 32in and 36in sizes and the latter range a further 19in option as well with a 1,440 x 900 - otherwise known as a PC monitor with a TV tuner hard wired in. In the domain of TVs we all want but will never, ever own we find Sony‘s US release of the XEL-1 OLED TV which Riyad caught a glimpse of at CEATEC in Tokyo. However, both he and I agree an 11in TV isn't particularly tempting, so Sony has also pulled out a prototype 27in model to wow the crowds offering a fantastic 1,920 x 1,080 resolution but with a mere 10mm thickness - there is no word to describe that except awesome!

Lastly we move onto notebooks where we find the expected Penryn update on all Sony laptops save the VAIO TZ. The processor choices will be from the Core 2 T9000- and T8000 series and should offer a nice boost to performance while also helping to increase battery life on the systems receiving them. Meanwhile harking back to the TZ we'll see a new option which will couple a 64GB flash drive with a 250GB conventional drive giving the best of both worlds while still keeping the weight down under 1.3Kg and although the price is not as attractive at a predicted £3,600 (£1,800), it isn't actually that unreasonable.

Obviously with the incredible amount of products Sony has launched it isn't possible to get the full details of everything up here, but expect in depth reviews of all of Sony's new kit very soon. Until then check out the Sony press office site linked below for more info.


Sony press site.

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