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Samsung at CES: Home Theatre Systems

Home Theatre systems also featured heavily at CES and headlining Samsung's efforts was its HT-X810 Home Theatre Sound Bar (below). Also featuring a wireless subwoofer, the 300W system is once again designed to complement Samsung's TV offerings, while also integrating a slot-loading upscaling DVD player, a USB port and Bluetooth for easy connection to any number of devices.

This is joined in the Home Theatre-In-A-Box segment by the X710 Series, which comprises of either the 2.1 channel HT-X710 (below) or the 5.1 channel HT-X715. As with the sound bar system an upscaling DVD drive is included in the package, though in this instance you get discrete drivers for each channel and a total output of 400W on the 2.1 channel version. It also features the translucent red accenting found in some of Samsung's TV offerings, which is a very neat touch.

Predictably, Samsung also has a Blu-ray based system too in the shape of the HT-BD2. A 7.1 channel system outputting 1,100 watts it has all the prerequisites one would expect of such as system, including Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD support and a fully featured Blu-ray player. In addition, all the speakers in this system are wireless capable, allowing you to pick and choose between wired and wireless connections.

This marks the end of our coverage on Samsung and of this year's show, which has thrown up a few interesting titbits over the last week or so. We hope you enjoyed our coverage and we'll certainly be back next year and the year after that - and so on. In the meantime, if you want to review the goings on at the show take a look at our Daily Digest, which features all the stories from the show.

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