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Samsung at CES: Players

As for players, Samsung had its fourth generation Blu-ray player, the BD-P1500 (below), on show. Naturally, it supports the Final Standard Profile 1.1, including Picture-in-Picture. It also has an Ethernet port for easy Firmware updates and support for all the latest audio codes. A Samsung rep also told us it would be retailing at £299, which is at least approaching affordable.

Joining the BD-P1500 is the dual format BD-UP5500 Duo HD Player (below). This should prove a useful tonic to those who have an extensive HD DVD collection but are now looking to move to Blu-ray, which now holds what seems like an unassailable position since the Warner Brothers switch. As with its Blu-ray only partner, it has an Ethernet port for quick and easy Firmware upgrades, while supporting all the features of both BD-Java and HDi.

In addition, Samsung was also showing off its latest upscaling DVD player, the DVD-F1080 (below). Designed to complement its HDTV range, it has a futuristic design that houses a 1080p upconverting DVD player.

With support also extending to DivX, MPEG4 and other video codecs it could prove a handy little addition to the second room, in conjunction with a smaller HDTV. It should also retail for a fair amount below £100, making it relatively affordable.


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