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Samsung at CES: Plasma & DLP TVs

Samsung are also one of the few companies to be in both the Plasma and DLP TV markets along with LCD, and there were new products in these ranges as well. Starting with Plasmas, in the lower range is the Series 4 (below), outputting 720p in 42 and 50 inch sizes. A Contrast Ratio of 20,000:1 and three HMDI ports is all par for the course, while the Series 5, which will only be available as a 50 inch, is capable of outputting Full HD 1080p.

So far, so unremarkable, but there's an added and quite bizarre twist in that both these screens also support Samsung's new 3D technology - yes, you did read that correctly. It requires a set of goggles to get the desired effect, with Samsung showing off a number of demos, including Madden NFL 08 and Need For Speed ProStreet.

It proved an entertaining five minute distraction, but having donned the glasses and shrugged indifferently it remains to be seen whether this will really take off. Thankfully, according to Samsung, this technology adds little to the actual cost so you can just as easily enjoy these sets and never get the goggles out of the box.

It's a feature also found in both of Samsung's new DLP offerings, both of which also feature Ethernet and USB ports to mirror the functionality of their LCD cousins. Samsung was also keen to talk up their green credentials, claiming significantly reduced power usage.

Frankly, nice as this may sound, you either care or you don't and what's more interesting are the abilities of these two screens. Both offer 1080p playback, with the Series 6 (above) available in 56, 61 and 72 inch varieties. Meanwhile, the Series 7 is available in 61 and 67 inch versions and replaces the traditional DLP lamp with an LED based alternative, which increases brightness by "up to 40 per cent" but also dramatically increases potential viewing hours to around 60,000 hours, compared to the 8,000 offered traditional lamp powered DLPs.


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