ReadyNAS Duo

Regular readers will probably be familiar with Netgear's ReadyNAS range of network attached storage and our fondness of it. Riyad has eulogised about the wonders of NAS appliances, while Netgear's most recent ReadyNAS product, the ReadyNAS NV+, received a well deserved Recommended Award. So, given this success it should come as little surprise that Netgear has further plans for the range in 2008, with the ReadyNAS Duo being the latest addition.

As the name suggests it has space for two drives, configured in a RAID array to provide data storage and backup that can be accessed by all devices connected to your network. Each slot can take up to a 1TB drive, which should be ample space for all but the most demanding media collectors.

So far, so good, but what makes the ReadyNAS Duo any different from any other NAS offering? The secret lies in what Netgear are calling "X-RAID", which allows you to remove one drive from a two drive configuration without any interruption to your access. This is of course possible in a RAID 5 array, but that requires a minimum of three drives rather than the two possible in the ReadyNAS Duo.

It will be available in a variety of different drive configurations and as before should be available early this year.

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