TV at 140MPH?

The big finale from LG was the announcement of MPH , which is a new technology that allows both standard and high definition TV to be viewed on pretty much any mobile device. Apparently the MPH signal can be transmitted from current TV masts concurrently with normal television broadcasts, making it easy for TV stations to implement.

LG was keen to tell us that MPH will allow you to watch television while travelling at 140mph. Now, when I've been travelling at 140mph (while not on UK public roads of course), the very last thing I would want is having my concentration broken by a TV in the car - but maybe I'm not the target demographic!

But even taking high-speed, death wish TV watching out of the equation, I can honestly say that I have never found myself wishing I could watch TV while I was out and about. Maybe I just don't "get it", but I can't help but feel that MPH is very cool technology for the sake of cool technology, with little in the way of really useful application.

All that said, LG was keen to point out that it's easy to implement the MPH chip into almost any device, whether that be a mobile phone, a satellite navigation unit, or even a USB stick for a notebook. If LG brings MPH to the market in the UK I'll test it properly and see if my initial reservations hold true, but for now, I can't help but ask myself why?

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