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CES 2008: Intel Keynote

Following this example, they showed such a device could also be used for real-time speech-to-speech translation. Using the pretext of wanting to find the Olympic Games he asked a local resident, who being Chinese couldn't understand him. Using the MID, Raymond spoke into the device which then translated his words and played them back in Mandarin, with the reply translated back into English.

Adding further to his "augmented reality" was EveryScape, an online service that allows you to navigate through locations based on photos. This, argued Raymond and Otellini, could be used in conjunction with GPS to help people get around, in this case using the Great Wall as an example. They were also keen to stress that this was real, but that at this moment in time it took "a couple of cycles" of a Core 2 Duo processor to generate all this functionality.

Obviously, it is here that Intel sees itself having an impact and its solution is the much talked about System On a Chip (SOC). First to be given a mention was Intel's media solution, codenamed Canmore. T o be made available during the second half of the year, it'll be capable of decoding 1080p video and 7.1 channel audio, with 3D graphics processing for delivering user interfaces and broadcast TV. Then, for UMPCs/MIDs, is Menlow, which is due to be utilised in Intel's Classmate PC and the next iteration of Asus' Eee PC, using a CPU known as Silverthorne. This is due to offer improved performance and battery life for UMPCs, which is certainly needed right now.

Finally, having introduced its new platforms, Otellini continued to eulogise about how the Internet would be used in the future, giving time to online music service eJamming, which allows musicians to play and record live over the Internet and online avatar service BigStage. This all culminated in the band Smash Mouth performing live over the Internet, using fully animated avatars in place of the real band members.

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