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CES 2008: Intel Keynote

Andy Vandervell


CES 2008: Intel Keynote

Once upon a time MTV came along and changed the nature of the music industry. Video Killed the Radio Star as The Buggles wrote and Intel believes the Internet is doing the same to the video star. Addressing the 'CE' industry directly, Intel's keynote began with a re-worked version of that famous song, with the theme being how the Internet has killed the video star.

In Otellini's opinion the Internet has a long way to go and though consumer electronics have begun to use it, they're only in the very early stages of this integration. In this, he believes, Intel can help by helping to create an Internet that would come to us with information, rather than waiting for the user to seek it out. What it requires he said was: "a new level of capability and usefulness". It's a message that has been widely disseminated throughout this year's show, with Bill Gates saying that the Second Digital Decade would be about connecting people.

Indeed, the similarities between Microsoft's and Intel's keynotes didn't end there; with Otellini going on to demonstrate an example of the Mobile Internet Device (MID) of the future. For this Intel had constructed a small example of a Chinese street, featuring a road sign and restaurant. Craig Raymond, who holds the position of Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for Corporate Demonstrations used a device very similar, if not the same, to that used by Bill Gates to explore this area, revealing how Intel believe the Internet can be used more proactively.

This began by showing how one could use an MID with a camera to translate information in foreign languages, in this case a street sign and restaurant sign in Mandarin. Having identified the restaurant Raymond then used the device to pull up information on it, including pictures of the dishes and video reviews.

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