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CES 2008: Daily Digest


CES 2008: Daily Digest

With all this news coming out of CES 2008, it's pretty hard to keep track. As such, we've decided to publish a daily digest featuring all the stories from each day. This page will be updated at the end of each day with all the stories from the day, while all the news will of course appear in the feeds and on the front page as before. You can also discuss the developments in the forums and there's already plenty to talk about.

Day Zero

*LG Press Conference - TV Strategy and TV at 140mph.

*Pioneer Press Conference - Super thin Plasmas and zero luminance idle state.

*Netgear Press Conference - 5GHz Routers and new ReadyNAS.

*BT to Sell MediaRoom Edition Xbox 360 - Turning the Xbox 360 into a set-top box.

*Warner Exclusively Backing Blu-ray - HD DVD=Fail.

*Toshiba Press Conference - Dynamic backlight control, Super SD2HD Upconversion & LED Backlighting.

*Panasonic Press Conference - New TVs, new Blu-ray players, new camcorders and a 32GB SDHC memory card.

Day One

*Sony PSP Getting Skype GPS - Yet more features for everyone's second favourite portable console.

*HDMI To Create Unified CEC Identity - No longer shall every manufacturer call the same thing by a different name.

*Sony Updates Just About Everything - Sony débuts a new product for just about every line.

*VIA At Piero's - VESA mounted PCs? You heard it at CES first.

*Hitachi 1.5 TVs - Ludicrously thin, highly desirable.

*SanDisk Unveils 32GB View & 4GB Clip - Who says flash memory-based media players aren't capacious enough?

*SanDisk's 'Video HD' & 12GB microSDHC Cards - And who says only MP3 players should get a slice of the memory pie?

*Intel Dishes Out 16 45nm CPUs - Penryn hits the mainstream.

Day Two

*Microsoft Keynote - Say bye, bye Bill.

*Panasonic Unveils 150in & One Inch Thick TVs - The definitive odd couple.

*nVidia Unveils Hybrid SLI - More multiple GPU goodness.

*AMD Takes 3000-series Mobile AGP - One move we expected, one move we didn't.

*Creative Upgrades Players & Speakers - Little is the new large.

*Logitech at CES - Debuts diNovo Mini Keyboard and Harmony One Remote.

Day Three

*Creative CES Showcase - Aurvana X-Fi headphones, Xdock HD and more.

*Dolby Brands Brightside Tech - HDR set to hit the masses.

*DTS Launches Surround Sensation - Software based virtual surround on show.

*Belkin FlyWire Unleashes Wireless HD Streaming - WHDI tech to bring wireless HDMI to the consumer.

*Creative Upgrades Players & Speakers - The title says it all really.

*AMD Takes 3000-series Mobile AGP - Powering new notebooks and old PCs alike.

*nVidia Unveils Hybrid SLI - Performance gains and power savings in one neat package.

Day Four

*Green Plug at Piero's - Nifty power management devices for your PC.

*Intel Keynote - The blur team discusses it's consumer electronics strategy for 2008.

*AMD Radeon HD 3870 X2 Spotted - Top of the line graphics from AMD.

*Mitsubushi Shows Off 65in Laser TV - Should we say so to long plasma, LCD?

Post Show

*Asus Eee PC With SplashTop Linux 8in Screen - Another OS version and a slight upgrade to the specs.

*Asus Notebook Leaks nVidia 9-series Mobile - nVidia might not be ready to announce it yet, but what does that matter?

*Drum Kits For All - Bang the Drums...

*Fujitsu Shows Off Biodegradable Notebook - It's partly biodegradable; strictly speaking.

*CES 2008: Samsung at CES - It's Samsung, which means there's lots to read about.

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