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New Headsets & nano Dock

There was also a new gaming headset on show, complete with X-Fi technology. The new design definitely looks the part, and because it connects via USB and uses its own sound processing, users can be sure of a consistent experience no matter what computer they plug it into. LAN centre gamers will definitely welcome that audio consistency.

Also on show was a wireless headset aimed at VoIP usage rather than gaming. The headset uses a dongle rather than Bluetooth. Creative said that there is too much interference for Bluetooth, although this headset still uses 2.4GHz rather than the 5GHz standard that's becoming increasingly popular.

Continuing its support for iPods, Creative showed off a portable speaker dock for the latest nano. The nano slides into the front of the dock, and pumps the music through a large rear mounted speaker. I'm generally pretty sceptical about this kind of product, but it actually sounded pretty good, despite the cacophony of the show floor.

That said, Creative proved that it can squeeze great sound from tiny speakers when Andy reviewed the Zen Stone TravelSound speakers. Creative didn't give any indication of release date or price for this little speaker dock, but you can be sure that we'll be reviewing it as soon as it's available.



September 8, 2011, 9:06 pm

Do not buy from this company. I bought a pair of Aurvana X-Fi headphones and within one month both the left and right stopped wooking. I returned them under the warranty, and after much confusion on the part of Creative, they refused to reimburse costs.

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