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CES Round Up

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CES 2006 Round-Up

This year, CES was bigger and better than ever. Check out this round up of our coverage from the show floor.

*Part One
LG kicks off CES and Toshiba launches HD-DVD.

*Part Two
Intel launches its ViiV platform with a raft of Hollywood stars.

*Part Three
Tom Hanks helps out Sony’s Sir Howard Stringer on stage for the opening keynote speech.

*Part Four
Bill Gates previews Windows Vista and drops a big announcement regarding Xbox 360.

*Part Five
Philips reflects on its mirror than turns into an LCD display, and Panasonic goes seriously large with a 103in plasma.

*Part Six
Netgear announces a Skype phone, SanDisk memory hits 4GB and nVidia and Dell cosy up to offer a Quad SLI system.

*Part Seven
DLP demos true 1080p front projection, and we spot new offerings from Hush, Kiss, Sennheiser and Palm.

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