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Sony Keynote Speech

Sir Howard said that Sony was revolutionising Digital Cinema thanks to its new 4K projector that offers up to four times the resolution of 1080p. To demonstrate, an exclusive clip from the soon to be released film of, ‘The Da Vinci Code’, starring Tom Hanks was played and the quality was impressive.

The comment from Sir Howard that, “it’s so real that it’s as if Tom Hanks was actually here”, was not surprisingly followed by Tom Hanks indeed actually appearing on stage along with the director of the film, Ron Howard as well as the producer.

In contrast to Sir Howard, Sony’s press conference the day before was MCed by a comedian who appeared to have lost his jokes on the way to the show. Of better quality were the new products that were being presented. First up was a new 55in LCD screen, capable, naturally, of displaying 1080p content. While this isn’t as large as the 60in that Sony revealed last year it is 30 per cent thinner, which is perhaps more useful progress than sheer screen size.

If you want to go large though, you probably would be happy with its 82in LCD with a new triluminous backlighting that according to Sony enables it to display a greater range of colours than any other panel on the market. Sony is also adding a 46in Bravia to its range.

A cool new toy was Sony’s first hard disk based camcorder with 5.1 sound. A novel feature is that a mic can be attached wirelessly to a subject, such as a child on stage being filmed by his or her parents. This audio is then the centre channel of the 5.1 mix. Clever stuff, and far better than just picking up motor noise.

Another near idea was an in car head unit with a removable front panel. While that’s par for the course what's novel is that the panel contains 1GB of RAM and can be plugged into your PC via USB so you can download your MP3s straight onto it. Cool Sony thinking.

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