On the TV side of things, DLP had a demo room with two very cool looking rear–projection sets. The representative from TI was not keen at all on the term ‘rear-projection’ thinking of it as a dirty word as according to him, for the average consumer, it tended to bring to mind poor quality sets, which, of course, isn’t the case with DLP.

The set in the left of thie above picture is a current generation 1080p screen, which means that aside from being very large, (he wasn’t sure of the exact size) it isn’t of that much interest. The one on the right however, is of great interest. It is a prototype used Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display (SED) technology. If all goes to plan, this is set to take over from both plasma and LCD. The great thing about SED is that it combines the benefits of all the current technology. It offers richer colours and contrast than even CRT, is almost as thin as LCD and plasma and can be mass produced for less cost, which will make sets cheaper to buy. The set on show was limited to 720p, (1080p is being worked on), but the colours from the demo material, (bowls of fruit and lipstick) were amazingly vivid. The only downer is that the LCD set you were about to buy could have an even shorter shelf life than you imagined.

DLP also had a number of new designs based on its chip on show, such as this Pocket projector from Samsung.

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