Panasonic’s press conference was presented in front of a huge wall of plasmas. It wasn’t shy about pointing out that it is the number one in plasma by a factor of three, so it clearly has a few to spare. It ended the press conference with dance acts interacting with on screen performers as if they were on stage with them – an entertaining show.

It starting things off though by literally unveiling it’s 103in plasma TV – it’s largest ever. This 1080p plasma was very impressive and a few American’s in the audience gave dutiful gasps, but it was a rather obvious piece of tech willy-waving. Even if I had the room and the money, which isn’t likely this side of Armageddon, I’d much rather have a projector for that cinematic feel.

Panasonic was right there with its Blu-ray player, released in the summer, and next to it was a cool 3CCD camcorder. This uses SD media to record onto – but wouldn’t an HDD be an even better idea like Toshiba and Sony's new camcorders?

Batteries aren’t normally something to get excited about but Panasonic revealed that its Oxyride AA cells last twice as long as any other on the market, which has got to be a good thing. It also said it had a prototype of a lightweight fuel-cell for a laptop that can last for 20 hours. Let’s hope they can bring it to market soon as by the time the Panasonic press conference rolled around my laptop battery was dead and I was forced to use something called pen and paper.


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