A really out-there idea on show at the Philips booth was its, ‘Entertable’ – an appalling name I’m sure you’ll agree. This is an interactive entertainment table and was running a rather lame board game. The concept is cool though and would make a great addition to a kid’s or even a grown-up kid’s gaming room – as long as better content is available.

Philips was also showing off its hard disk based digital audio player or GoGear HDD Jukebox as it likes to call them. The 30GB HDD6330 player is Microsoft Play For Sure compatible and has 15 hours battery life. The coolest part is the backlit touch screen interface, which lights up blue out of the black housing. A brand new smaller 8GB player with 18 hours battery life was also on show.

As with all the other Blu-ray partners, Philips announced that its Blu-ray deck would be coming in the spring along with a PC writer.


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