CES 2006

The Consumer Electronics Show, CES, the largest consumer electronics trade show in the world, has kicked off again for another year in Las Vegas. There may be other shows, but they’re small fry compared to CES. This is the one that counts; the mecca for all technology enthusiasts.

CES proper actually doesn’t start until the Thursday but the Wednesday still meant a packed out schedule for journalists with each company eager to get the world’s tech journalists excited about their vision and their products. And as ever, there were some major announcement made on the first day. We’re going to kick off with just a couple of items but they’ll be more to follow.

As is traditional, LG got in there with the very first press conference of the day. Things kicked off with a slightly cheesy video that was used to visually how LG products tie in with its slogan of ‘Life’s Good’. Well, it’s certainly better than the ‘Lucky Goldstar’ that LG used to stand for.

Obviously, the most immediate thing that I noticed was the 71in plasma placed in front of me in the room. The 71PY10 features a no compromise 1,920 x 1,080p resolution, and positively, dwarfed the 50in plasma that was next to it. Not to be outdone though, there was also a 71in rear projection set, based on LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology.

LG also announced four plasmas with integrated DVRs with the integrated hard disk enabling them to record HDTV directly without the need for an external player. Some of its TVs can have cable TV integrated too, though that’s only relevant for the US as there’s no equivalent in the UK.

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