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CES 2005 Part 4

Aigo may be a relatively recent entry into the UK digital audio player market, but it’s been selling huge volume in China for some time. I currently have an Aigo P880 player on test and the full review will be up on TrustedReviews very soon. Having listened to the P880 during the long plane journey to Las Vegas, I was keen to see what was lurking on the Aigo stand.

Modelled above by one of the helpful Aigo staff, is the latest in wearable audio. This pair of sunglasses has a built-in digital audio player, with the ear-buds connected via coiled wires – this makes it easier to lift the glasses onto the top of your head if you go inside, without having to stop listening to music.

The glasses currently have a maximum capacity of 256MB, but Aigo assured me that there will be higher capacity versions available if the product proves to be popular. It’s clear that these glasses are riding on the coat tails of Oakley’sThump MP3 glasses below.

Aigo says that its glasses will be significantly cheaper than the Oakley ones, which ship in 128 and 256MB capacities. That said, you’re going to be paying more for the Oakley lens technology, and it remains to be seen how good the lenses on the Aigo glasses will be. We’ll be trying to get both sets of glasses in the labs for testing soon, so check back for a full report.

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