I had already seen most of the products on the Pentax stand, but there was one new camera that really stood out. The Optio WP is a slim, small and light digital camera with a 5megapixel CCD and a large 2in LCD display.

There’s a 3x optical zoom and the usual Pentax complement of 10MB internal memory. But it’s not the general camera specs that make the Optio WP special, it’s the fact that this little camera is waterproof.

The batter/memory card compartment on the Optio WP has a double lock on it to help keep it tightly shut, while a thick rubber seal makes sure that there’s no water ingress. The Optio WP can shoot still images and video under water to a depth of 1m, with a maximum immersion time of 30 minutes.

I will be contacting Pentax to get hold of an Optio WP as soon as I get back to the UK, so check back for a full review.


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