The Creative stand was dominated by the Zen Micro, which is understandable since it’s an excellent bit of kit. There was a veritable rainbow of products on the Creative stand to go with the colourful range of Zen Micros.

There was an interesting engineering sample on the Creative stand from a company called Aura. Aura has been working together with Creative to create a wireless headphone solution for the Zen Micro.

The device on show was a pretty early sample, and the Zen Micro was encased in a rather unflattering sleeve. However, the sound quality from the headphones was excellent. Obviously the eventual goal is to integrate the wireless functionality into the Zen Micro (or any other Creative player) and slim the headphones down to a more fashionable form factor.

Complementing the Zen Micro was a full range of speakers to match the many colours of the devices themselves.

The speakers definitely look cool, and although the colour of the units on the stand didn’t match the Zen Micros exactly, Creative assured me that when the speakers go to market, they will match the devices perfectly.

Finally, Creative was showing off a set of stereo speakers for notebook users. The speakers attach to the top of the notebook screen and can be powered in three ways – from the integrated batteries, from a mains power supply or from a powered USB port.


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