The new NW-HD3 digital audio player seemed to go down well with the crowds. This is the update to the somewhat disappointing NW-HD1 player. The big news with the NW-HD3 supports native MP3 playback, which is a huge step in the right direction. Of course, the lack of native MP3 playback wasn’t the only problem with the NW-HD1, but at least it shows that Sony is finally listening to the needs of its customers.

Something that did catch my eye was the Sony Photo Vault. This little device is designed to help you offload your digital pictures from your camera and keep them safe. Inside the PhotoVault is a tiny CD burner for copying your pictures onto CD media.

The device has a USB port so you can connect any camera to it via a cable, but it also has a MemoryStick slot, making it easy for users of Sony cameras to offload their photos. Hopefully the next generation device will have a multi-card slot, especially since most card readers use a single slot for MemoryStick and SD/MMC anyway.


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