Like all of the other big consumer electronics companies, Sony was pushing High Definition video very hard. Attacking the HD issue from both sides, Sony was showing off both HD compliant flat panel screens and Blu-ray devices for the delivery of HD content.

Sony is, of course completely committed Blu-ray as the next generation optical media format. In fact the company is so sure of the success of Blu-ray that it has officially announced that Blu-ray will be the choice of media for the forthcoming PlayStation 3 console. If the PS3 turns out to be the massive success that it’s expected to be, Blu-ray should become a prevalent format in no time at all.

Also on display was a new digital camcorder. The DCR-DVD403 builds on Sony’s line of camcorders that record directly to DVD discs in MPEG2. This format has proved to be very successful for Sony, due once again to increased simplicity for the consumer. Being able to record footage, take the disc out, and play it back instantly on any DVD player is a pretty compelling sales message.

However, the DCR-DVD403 has a special party trick – this little camcorder can record 5.1-channel audio to accompany your video footage. So anyone wanting to create that true DVD feel with their home videos should take a look at the DCR-DVD403 and add surround sound to their epics.


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