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CES 2005 Part 3

Like last year, the Sony stand wasn’t really a stand. Instead of mixing it with the rest of the exhibitors on the show floor, Sony had a separate area in which to show off its wares. If you can judge how good a press conference is by the size of the queue, then the Sony event was set to be a good one, especially since despite the queue, admittance was invitation only.

For me there was only one thing that I was desperate to see on the Sony stand, and that was the PSP. I’ve been trying to decide whether I should order Sony’s new PlayStation Portable from an online retailer in Hong Kong, but now that I’ve seen it I’ll be sending my credit card number across the globe as soon as I get back to the UK.

Forget about all the pictures that you’ve seen of the PSP (including the unflattering one above), no photograph can do this device justice. The PSP just looks stunning – the whole device is dominated by the huge screen, the likes of which has never been seen on a portable gaming device before. The quality of the screen is nothing short of breathtaking when you see it first hand, especially when you’re watching video.

If there’s one thing that might affect the desirability of the PSP it’s the physical size. The PlayStation Portable is a pretty large device that reminds me of the ill fated Atari Lynx, although it’s much slimmer and lighter. But when you hold the PSP in your hand, you forget about its size and just stare at it – this really is one of the best looking consumer electronics devices ever created.

There will be a full review of the Sony PSP as soon as I manage to get my paws on one, and I sincerely hope that won’t take too long.

After the PSP, the coolest device on the Sony stand was a small TV that can stream video right into the palm of your hand, from pretty much anywhere in your home.

Of course, whether there is a need for a TV that you can carry all around the house with you is debatable, but it’s definitely one of the coolest gadgets I’ve got my hands on lately.

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