Hush wasn’t the only company touting passively cooled PC solutions, Zalman was there showing off an updated version of the TNN 500A, reviewed here.

At first glance the TNN 500AF looks identical to the TNN 500A, but once you open the front door you realise that things are very different. The front panel has been totally redesigned, making the unit look more aesthetically pleasing, without losing any of its industrial image.

The handles on the top of the case can now be folded flat, again improving the look of the machine without sacrificing functionality. But without a doubt, the biggest change is that the TNN 500AF has a built-in amplifier that instantly turns it into a media powerhouse. Zalman even throws in a remote so you can control all the media functionality without having to touch a keyboard or mouse.

The inside of the TNN 500A looks far tidier than on the older model – this is helped by the fact that the hard disk cage has been moved to the hinged door, where the optical drives reside. The unfortunate result of this move is that the things look more untidy on the hinged door side of the case.

Zalman was also showing off a baby TNN case which looked stunning. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures of this one, but it will be unveiled officially at CeBIT in March, so you’ll have to wait until then to see it – but from what I saw, it will be worth the wait.

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