A really interesting implementation of the mini-ITX platform was on display from Autocom in the form of the ACEX-C3. This little box of tricks is a PC based on the mini-ITX platform for use in a car.

The ACEX-C3 gives you the option to playback pretty much any media, has a built-in navigation system and is all controlled from a touch screen. The whole setup including the screen will set you back around $1,700 dollars and Autocom reckon that a professionally fitted install will cost around $2,000. While journalists from the US were shocked by these prices, I found them to be very low, especially when you take into account the exchange rate, and the high cost of in-car entertainment in the UK.

The ACEX-C3 also supports wireless Internet access, although this is limited to the slow data rates offered by mobile carriers in the US. Of course, with the increasing 3G presence in the UK, this feature could be better catered for.

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