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CES 2005 Part 2

You can tell how exclusive any event is by the amount of people that try to blag their way in without an invite – they’ll come up with the most elaborate excuses as to why their name isn’t on the guest list, before being turned away. Lunch at Piero’s is such an event, and after watching other journalists trying hard to convince the door staff of their validity, I was very glad to find that my name was on the list when I reached the front of the line. However, I had to feel sorry for the two guys in front of me who had waited in line thinking that everyone was just queuing for a table in the restaurant.

Lunch at Piero’s gives journalists the chance to get up close and personal with some of the more interesting technology manufacturers away from all the noise and commotion of the show floor. It also gives the manufacturers in question a chance to play to a captive audience for a couple of hours, rather than dealing with the massive footfall that a stand in the main halls attracts.

Hush Technologies was at the event, showing some of its future products off. Anyone who reads TrustedReviews regularly will know that I’m a big fan of Hush and its totally silent PCs, so I was looking forward to talking to the guys behind the design and manufacture processes, as well as seeing their latest achievements.

Taking centre stage on the Hush stand was the new ATX Media Center system. This was the first time that I’d seen a Hush box finished in Black instead of the usual raw aluminium. But it wasn’t the colour that made this new box stand out, it was the display that was mounted in the front fascia.

But when I took a closer look at the front mounted display I realised that this Hush box was more different than I had initially thought. As you can see clearly from the picture below, this Hush Media Center PC is running an AMD Athlon 64 processor instead of an Intel Pentium 4. It’s good to see an AMD chip in a Hush, and I’m looking forward to taking a look at one of these new Athlon 64 boxes as soon as one rolls of the production line.

Also on show was a full-height ATX box. Obviously this machine is much larger than the standard ATX Hush, but it does have the advantage of accepting multiple, full height expansion cards.

Finally there was a new slim-line chassis equipped with a Celeron CPU. This new solution will be available very soon, and TrustedReviews will be receiving the first sample to escape from the Hush Labs in Germany.

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