There was also some movement in the personal audio space, with the HDD-84 announced. This is a small and light hard disk based digital audio player, but bizarrely despite a projected release date of mid-2005, it only has a 3GB capacity. When I questioned Philips about this I was told that 3GB was the size of drive that it could currently secure, but that a higher capacity unit will be used if one becomes available before launch – I guess Creative has nabbed all the 5GB drives for the excellent Zen Micro.

Finally Philips showed off the PSS 110 – a very compact personal sound system. This tiny little unit will playback digital audio and has a built-in FM radio and alarm clock. Philips said that the sound output was impressive considering its size, but the device wasn’t switched on so I can’t say for sure.

Although the PSS 110 definitely looks good, and has a great feature set, especially for the regular traveller, the meagre 256MB of memory ruins the whole package. With flash memory as cheap as it is, I would have liked to see at least double the amount of memory in a device like this.


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