It came as no surprise that Toshiba’s press conference was dominated by High Definition content, just like LG’s. But unlike LG, Toshiba was more concerned with the distribution of HD content than the viewing of it. Toshiba is firmly entrenched in the HD-DVD camp and was keen to extol its virtues and advantages over Blu-ray.

Toshiba was keen to play down the higher capacity of Blu-ray, stating that 30GB is more than enough for HD distributed media, and as far as recording goes, Toshiba feels that the hard disk is the best medium for digital recording, not an optical disc. Toshiba already has a 600GB digital video recorder available in Japan and it sees the ultimate digital recorder to be a device with one terabyte of hard disk storage and a built in HD-DVD drive. With this setup you’ll be able to record all the HD content you want, and anything you want to keep can be burned to HD-DVD.

Toshiba also cited the backward compatibility of HD-DVD as a major advantage in a market place that has already seen much confusion. The company also feels that it will be able to offer HD-DVD products for almost the same price as current DVD devices. That’s a bold claim and I’m looking forward to seeing if it turns out to be true, as early adopters generally pay a high price for being at the cutting edge of technology.

That said, Toshiba also announced that an HD-DVD player will be available Q4 2005 with an estimated price of $1,000 - so I guess that Toshiba meant that the cost of HD-DVD won’t be much more than a current top of the range DVD device.


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