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CEA Begins Standardisation Of Active 3D Glasses

David Gilbert


CEA Begins Standardisation Of Active 3D Glasses

While 3D is currently generating much debate across a broad range of platforms, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has begun a process to try and resolve one of the issues relating to 3DTVs and thereby generate more interest in it.

Currently there is no standard for active 3D glasses with each manufacturer producing their own sets. The CEA is now looking for proposals to standardise 3D active eyewear that uses an infrared synchronized interface. A standard will allow for interoperable 3D glasses among the different 3DTVs out there. Companies who want to make proposals can do so by submitting an online form and they will also be asked to join the 3D Technologies Working Group. Proposals will have to be submitted by March 31 to be considered.

This move will be welcomed by consumers who obviously want one pair of glasses that can be used on all 3D televisions. Active shutter glasses are currently quite expensive (around £100 on average) and this, the CEA believes is among the reasons for the disappointing adoption of 3D technology. Active technology has been tipped to dominate the market in the short term, ahead of passive and glasses-free technology, mainly because of its ability to display full HD 3D. However unless a standard, which has been signed up to by all, is reached we may see its popularity decline.

With some, including the BBC, not yet convinced about the 3D phenomenon, standardisation such as this can only help the industry convince those that remain sceptical.

Source: CEA

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