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Buffalo Updates USB 3.0 DriveStation Range

David Gilbert


Buffalo Updates USB 3.0 DriveStation Range

This time last year, we were happy to see one of the first USB 3.0 external hard drives coming from Buffalo offering ten times the speed of USB 2.0. Now it has launched dual and quad-drive versions of its USB 3.0 range with storage capacities up to 12TB.

USB is obviously the coming technology, though with Light Peak just around the corner, it may have a short lifespan. The latest version of Buffalo’s DriveStation take the shape of the four-drive, four-bay DriveStation Quad and the two-drive, two-bay DriveStation Duo which are aimed at “demanding users who want to achieve faster transfer speeds and require greater capacity.” The Duo is available in capacities of 2TB, 4TB and 6TB and is a RAID-enabled drive with RAID 0 for performance and RAID 1 for redundant storage. The Quad is available in capacities of 4TB and 8TB currently with a 12TB model coming later in the year. The Quad is also RAID-enabled with RAID 0 for performance and RAID 5 or 10 for redundant storage.

Paul Hudson, sales director for northern Europe at Buffalo Technology said: “As the first manufacturer to ship USB 3.0 in the UK, we are delighted to be able to offer multi-drive USB 3.0 products for the more demanding user. The new DriveStation Duo and DriveStation Quad are an extension of our USB 3.0 family and as the industry moves further towards USB 3.0, users can absolutely expect to see more products like this from Buffalo Technology.”

The Quad and Duo (with the exception of the 12TB model) are available immediately with the 4TB Quad model selling for £389.85 and the 8TB model at £602.09 both on Amazon. The RRP of the Duo 2TB model is £179.99 with the 4TB model costing £309..99 though both can be gotten slightly cheaper on Amazon at the moment.No price for the 6TB Duo or 12TB Quad were available.

Source: Buffalo

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