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Buffalo Launches Cheap, Midget Wireless N Dongle

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Buffalo Launches Cheap, Midget Wireless N Dongle

Wireless N has become a fairly ubiquitous standard (even before it was technically a standard) and price reductions have seen it even included in the likes of Asus' Eee PC 901 netbook. Still, you are using a slightly older machine - or just one which short changed you on your WiFi - then here's probably the best solution yet...

Buffalo's ‘WLI-UC-GN dongle' does what many dongles have done before: bring wireless n functionality (and b/g for that matter) to its host. The thing is it does it in the teeniest, tiniest form factor we've seen to date and measures a dainty 16 x 33 x 8mm.

Despite being light in your pocket however the (do I really have to type it again? Ok, ok...) WLI-UC-GN is pretty heavy on features with Buffalo's own AOSS technology which automates the setup of a secure wireless network, as well as the substantial WPS WiFi security standard.

Perhaps most remarkable of all however is the price with Buffalo retailing this in Japan for just ¥2,100 (approx £16). Of course the hard to please will be muttering that they'll adopt only when a dongle is the size of the Logitech VX nano Bluetooth adaptor, but some people are just impossible to please.


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