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Boris Johnson Promises 'WiFi London' By 2012 Olympics

Gordon Kelly


Boris Johnson Promises 'WiFi London' By 2012 Olympics

It could be argued the future of mobile broadband is Super 3G (myth busters: 4G doesn't exist), but we'll not be complaining if WiFi in London is also going to get its game together...

Speaking at Google's Zeitgeist in Hertfordshire last week London mayor Boris Johnson declared the city will become 'WiFi London' in time for the 2012 Olympics as the country's demand for access to all things web-based continues to spiral.

"It's thanks to Google that all of us sentient adults spend so much of our lives grazing absently like ruminants on this vast Serengeti of information," explained Johnson with his typically Borisonian lexicon. WiFi coverage will be at "every lamp post and bus stop" he declared.

Interestingly 22 of London's 32 boroughs have already agreed to Johnson's ambitious proposal.

Nice as all this is though I can't help but see troubles ahead:

1. Why not go with WiMAX which can cover miles of city at a time rather than worry about connecting "every lamp post and bus stop?"

2. Why not invest in better 3G coverage and introduce Super 3G which would benefit mobile phone reception as well?

3. Is Boris aware of the Digital Economy Act? This bill prosecutes the owner of a WiFi connection for the data downloaded on it by others. Won't this lead to lawsuits galore against the city?

We love it in theory Boris, but aside from having a chat with Nick Clegg, you may need to have a rethink...

Link: Daily Tech

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