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Blu-ray 'Managed Copy' Arriving in 2010


Blu-ray 'Managed Copy' Arriving in 2010

I imagine a lot of you are going to be pleased to hear this: the Blu-ray Disc Association's Advanced Access Content System (AACS) Final Adopter Agreement will bring the provision of Managed Copy allowing a single copy of a Blu-ray disc, for backup purposes.

As of early 2010, "virtually all" Blu-ray discs will offer buyers the ability to make a single copy - albeit with the option for content providers to charge for the privilege. A new player is likely to be needed, as the majority on the market are not compatible and can't be made so via firmware update. Sony has previously said the PS3 can be upgraded with support.

Managed copies will be transferrable to numerous devices, including writable Blu-ray discs and DVDs, Windows Media DRM-compatible media players and memory cards. Apple players, however, will not be compatible (at least for now) with managed copies which could prove frustrating for iPod owners.

Blu-ray player manufacturers won't be required to make their players compatible with Managed Copy, but it seems likely a large number will. It's worth mentioning that discs that allow managed copies will carry serial numbers, and contact with an authorisation centre is required before a copy can be made, enabling content providers to tell when discs are being copied.



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