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Bloodhound SSC has Intel Inside


Bloodhound SSC has Intel Inside

Intel has said that its atom processors will be used in the control systems of the 1,000mph Bloodhound Supersonic car.

The announcement was made at the Farnborough International Air show, where a simulator has been unveiled to demonstrate what it’s like to travel over land at 1,000mph.

The Bloodhound project, which TrustedReviews reported on last November, is an attempt at beating the world land speed record, which currently stands at 763mph.

The 1.6GHz Atom chips will be similar to those used in your average netbook but will be specifically designed for use for industrial and automotive use, which makes sense considering the extreme forces they will need to endure.


Three chips will be used to manage the hybrid engine, (essentially a typhoon Fighter jet engine), with each chip checking on the calculations of the other and a fourth used to transmit the data back to the cockpit.

Other Atom chips will be used in the control systems to maintain the cars lift and downforce, as Wing Commander Andy Green makes his record breaking attempt.

Marc Chapman, chief engineer of the Bloodhound programme said the Atom chips were selected due to their power-saving and performance capabilities.

“This is an important engineering milestone, and yet another great example of the close collaboration between Intel and Bloodhound. The Atom processor has impressed us with its power-saving, performance and resilience and thanks to this we have managed to use fewer processors in the car – saving on vital weight and space” said Chapman.

Link: Intel and Bloodhound

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