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Blessed be the TomTom

David Gilbert


Blessed be the TomTom

Now I don't know about you but the idea of the bearded Brian Blessed berating you for going the wrong way or taking a wrong turn is not exactly what I would imagine as a calming influence as you try to navigate the M25 during rush hour.

Then again the possibility of having a be-winged Prince Vultan from the 1980 film version of Flash Gordon on your car dashboard is just to good to resist. Following a campaign on Facebook, which had 25,000 members, 74-year-old Brian Blessed has lent his bellowing voice to record sat nav driving instructions and you can get this piece of iconic acting genius for only £7.95 from the TomTom website.

Shakespearean actor Blessed is best remembered for his role in Flash Gordon and his immortal line: “Gordon’s Alive!” The outtakes video from the recording session below shows that Blessed has lost none of his enthusiasm for life or his sense of humour.

Among the funnier instructions given by Blessed to drivers are: “"Toll Charge. Give them the exact money and tell them to keep the change," and "You've reached your destination. Congratulations. Onwards and upwards! To Everest next, and the North Pole..."

Following on from the overwhelming support Blessed received through the Facebook campaign, a message he sent his fans shows a humble and serious actor who takes pride in his work: “"Hello there, this is Brian Blessed, yes. The real McCoy. A national treasure, the future King of England, no false imitation, no it's me. Actor, mountaineer, singer, astronaut, a right know-it-all, the man with the beard, the biggest voice, the sexiest man in the universe. And here's proof of my identity, now you listen to this: 'Gordon's ALIIIIIIVVVE.....' Ah well, who wants to live forever. 'Squadron 40, DIIIIIIIVVVE....... '. But Brian's alive, so please download my voice for your TomTom sat nav."


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