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Blackberry Playbook Launches At CES

David Gilbert


Blackberry Playbook Launches At CES - Video And First Impression

The Blackberry PlayBook is yet to show its true colours at CES 2011, however we got up close and (almost personal) with PlayBook a day before the official unveiling.

This article is a bold attempt to give a first impression ahead of the launch, almost as bold a the questions we put to Ryan Diban, Senior Product Manager in this video. When asked by TrustedReviews if our understanding of the Q2 UK release date was correct, you can clearly hear the answer: "I'm not discussing that in detail yet." Shrifts don't come much shorter than that, apart from the stony silence when your correspondent offers to hang on to it for them.

We can understad why they are keeping their cards close to their chest but we have seen the PlayBook first hand and we can confirm that it is real and looks as nifty as RIM claim. The 7in tablet is very compact in size and feels really good in your hands. However despite a number of questions from us on a “concrete” release date RIM did confirm a Q1 for the North American market.

The only other new piece of information we got this evening, beside actually seeing the PlayBook in action was Diban’s claim of an eight hour battery life despite rumours in the press of significantly less than that.

No matter what we think, we will hopefully get our hands on the precious tablet tomorrow to see exactly what it can and can’t do and we will be updating this article at this URL as soon as we know more.

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