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BlackBerry PlayBook Shows Up In Hand-On Video

David Gilbert


RIM seem to me making no secret of its PlayBook by giving people more and more access to its attempt to conquer the tablet market. Since we first got a glimpse of the BlackBerry PlayBook at the Adobe MAX conference at the end of October, we have seen the tablet pop up here and there, including a video contest between itself and an iPad. and earlier this week at the Rogers TabLife conference in Canada.

Now the guys over at Boy Genius Report have been given about ten minutes hands-on time with the tablet and have thrown up some interesting features which were until now unknown. RIM’s Julian Dolce is on hand to go through some of the features of the device though due to a lack of an internet connection we don’t get a look at the browser or any apps that need an internet connection.

What we do see is a very responsive tablet with excellent multitasking. Dolce also highlighted the touch sensitive bezel, which can be used for a number of functions. One of these is to bring you out of your current app without having to go back into the homescreen. It lets you flick between open apps with the minimum fuss. Whether this will work properly or not depends on how it is implemented.

On that subject, the app store for the PlayBook is now open for developers to submit their apps to RIM and Dolce confirmed that all developers who get apps approved will receive a PlayBook for their efforts. Hope ye enjoy the video and we’re off to develop an app to get our hands on a PlayBook.

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