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BlackBerry Curve Touch Emerges

David Gilbert


BlackBerry Curve Touch Emerges

Last week we got a glimpse at what RIM was planning for the BlackBerry line of smartphones in 2011 and it seems as if security is more of a suggestion than a rule over at the headquarters in Canada following more leaks today.

Today the guys over at CrackBerry got their hands on the 2011/2012 roadmap from RIM in relation to its CDMA models, but it also gives us an insight of what is to come for us GSM users over in this part of the world. Last week we saw the Dakota, Torch 2, Apollo and Storm 3 revealed however none of these show up on the CDMA roadmap as you can see above. However on closer inspection we see that the phones called Montana, Sedona and Monaco turn out to be the Dakota, Apollo and Storm 3 just in a CDMA disguise.

Looking to the right of the roadmap however and we see a little device called the Malibu which is slated for release in Q1 2012. The Malibu is in fact the Curve Touch which RIM is calling “the accessible all touch BlackBerry.” It sports a 3.25in 480x360 HVGA touchscreen display and does away completely with the QWERTY keyboard seen on previous models. It has a 800MHz Qualcomm processor and a 5 megapixel camera which allows for HD video recording. It has 1GB of Flash memory built-in with 512MB of RAM and a microSD card slot.

RIM are obviously feeling the NFC love, building it into this model and by the time it reaches the shops the technology will hopefully be implemented in more locations than just McDonald’s. The Curve Touch, like all the up coming releases, will run BlackBerry OS 6.1 which will bring the advantages of OpenGL support, mobile hotspot capability, 24-bit color, a better web browser, and an overhauled virtual keyboard.

Source: CrackBerry

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