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Billingham Launches New Camera Bags


Billingham Launches New Camera Bags

There aren't all that many examples of traditional British craftsmanship left, most having been priced out of the market by cheaper imported goods, but thankfully M Billingham & Co. is still there, making the best camera and travel bags in the world, sewn by hand from the finest quality materials in the heart of the Black Country. Used and loved by professional photographers all over the world, their products are very expensive, but if you want a bag that will last you 30 years you want a Billingham. Like most small-volume manufacturers Billingham doesn't launch a lot of new lines in a year, so a new bag is something of an event. Two new bags, doubly so.

Billingham has just announced the introduction of two new items in its F/Stop range of smaller camera bags. The F/Stop f/2.8 and the larger F/Stop f/1.4 (photographers will get the joke) are designed for small DSLR systems or larger compacts with accessories, but would be just as useful for a video camcorder. Both are available in Black FibreNyte with black leather trim and nickel plated brass fittings or their most recent combination; Khaki FibreNyte with chocolate leather trim.

Naturally, the f/stops provide the same high levels of protection as Billinghams’ other products courtesy of a 25mm thick reinforced foam base and wrap-around side padding. The f/stop bags provide the level of protection, style and craftsmanship you’d expect from a Billingham, but in compact form that allows you to adapt them to suit your specific needs.

The f/1.4 has internal dimensions of 18 x 32 x 11cm and external dimensions of 25 x 35 x 17, while the smaller f/2.8 has internal dimensions of 18 x 26 x 11cm and external dimensions of 25 x 30 x 17. The f/1.4 is priced at £159.99 and the f/2.8 at £149.99, both inc. VAT.


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