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BenQ Outs Impressive Home Cinema Projectors

Gordon Kelly


BenQ Outs Impressive Home Cinema Projectors

Feeling the projector love? BenQ can help. The company has rolled out three new home cinema-centric models which should get the juices flowing.

The ‘W6000' (above), ‘W1000' (below) and ‘W600' all vie for a place in your living rooms with the former the star of the bunch sporting 1080p Full HD output and rock em sock em contrast ratio and brightness settings of 50,000:1 and 2500 ANSI lumens respectively. Dual HDMI inputs mean the W6000 can be connected into two different sources simultaneously as well. 10bit colour processing, upscaling and support for vertical lens shifting and a 2.35:1 cinema aspect ratio (with optional Panamorph lens) should also win it fans. Underpinning all this is Texas Instruments DynamicBlack and Philips VIDI lamp technology.

More midrange is the ‘W1000', but it still packs 1080p output, a 3,000:1 contrast ratio and 2,000 ANSI lumens of brightness. Dual HDMI inputs again feature and there's a six segment colour wheel which gives strong picture quality. As for the baby of the range, the ‘W600' drops the resolution down to 720p, but keeps the dual HDMI ports and six segment colour wheel. It also sports the same contrast ratio and brightness ratings as the W1000.

So how do they price up? Rather well as it turns out. The W6000 is understandably premium at £2,499, but the W1000 a more wallet friendly £999 and the W600 a bargaintastic £499 which should see it flying off the shelves. Shelf flying commences for all three on 1 November, so time to get saving/sweet talking the wife...



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