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Belkin Wireless USB Hub Hits UK

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Belkin Wireless USB Hub Hits UK

I first reported on Belkin's Wireless USB (WUSB) hub more than two years ago and followed that up with a report on its US release six months ago. Now - finally - we're talking about a UK launch for this highly desirable product.

As you might expect, absolutely nothing has changed since the last time I covered this little wonder but for the cheap seats here's the skinny: plug all your USB devices into the Hub, plug the USB adaptor into your laptop/desktop and everything works flawlessly. In short then, this isn't so much a 'wireless' solution as an 'untether your computer' solution.

As for the small print:

*You'll need to be within 10 metres of the hub for the connection to work and slightly closer than that if you want them to operate at full speed

*All USB devices - both past and present (1.0, 1.1, 2.0) will work

*Drivers (where necessary) still must be installed on your computer

As for the price, we pay the infamous 'being British' tax with an RRP of £129.99 (compared to $199 in the US) but if you're keen to eliminate clutter - or at least make your household rather neater, then this will do the trick nicely. Well, this or this.


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