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Hi-Speed Laptop Docking Station

There’s no doubt that more and more people are choosing a notebook rather than a desktop when buying a new computer, so the need for docking solutions is growing. Of course you can always buy a docking solution that’s specific to your notebook, but that means that no one else in your house can use it, while it could also become useless if you change your notebook.

Belkin’s Hi-Speed Laptop Docking Station connects directly to the Express Card slot in any suitably equipped notebook. So, the Docking Station can be shared with all the notebooks in your household, while also being compatible with any future laptop purchases.

The Docking Station is well designed, with a matt white finish, and shouldn’t spoil even the most stylish and minimalist of homes. The Docking station is equipped with both DVI and D-SUB output (1,600 x 1,200 maximum resolution), five USB 2.0 ports, three analogue audio outputs for 5.1-channel sound, optical digital audio output, an Ethernet port, line-in port and microphone port. The only direct connection to your notebook will be the power supply.


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