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Belkin FlyWire Permanently Grounded

Ardjuna Seghers


Belkin FlyWire Permanently Grounded

Despite being officially announced only a year ago, Belkin is already killing off one of the best hopes we had seen for transferring high definition video without the wires: the FlyWire.

This magic little box could transmit video from almost any connection type, including composite, S-Video, no less than dual component and triple HDMI over the air.

However, its release was already plagued with problems, including two major delays and a price hike from $999 to $1499 - ouch. Now it's finally bitten the dust, leaving Sony's DMX-WL1 BRAVIA Wireless HD Link as the only problem-free alternative from a big brand for those who demand their HD without the cables.

Part of the reason wireless HDMI - and wireless USB, for that matter - are struggling is because of the lack of a single standard that's backed by a majority of manufacturers. Some of the technologies in the mix include ultrawideband (UWB) and Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI), which was utilised in the Belkin.

At least with the backing of giants like LG, Samsung, Sharp and Sony the WHDI standard itself is unlikely to expire soon, and will hopefully become the focus the industry needs for widespread and affordable products.



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